The software

The frequency domain synthesiser is not currently a commercial product.  If it is ever formally released, it will be released as freeware.  While the software works, it is even more difficult to use than I had anticipated.  Perhaps it is most useful as a pedagogical tool, allowing you to explore how the various components of a natural instrument's sound are produced; however, the original goal of producing convincing emulations of real instruments requires months if not years of inspiration and perspiration to get right.

The current status of the software is "alpha test", at least until there is a reasonable library of voices for it.  It is essentially research software which just happens to conform to  a standard plug-in format so that you can use it in the same way you would any commercial software synthesiser.  Of course the software is as robust as I can make it, but being a research system, it behaves somewhat differently to its commercial brethren - the synthesiser doesn't protect you from yourself and will cheerfully let you create voices that are too complex to be played in real time.

The synthesiser is distributed as a Mac OS "audio unit" plug-in, and you can use it with any host application which supports such plug-ins.  Currently, the synthesiser only runs on version of Mac OS X from 10.5 onwards.  I don't rule out porting it to other platforms, but so much of the code depends in either the Mac OS X Core Audio framework and the Mac user interface that this is unlikely for now.

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